Aloha Surf Camps is located at Hastings point on the Tweed Coast. The surf beach and lagoon is a two minute walk from head quarters.

Hastings point has great surf for all levels and the creek is a fantastic location for SUP, fishing and snorkelling.

Accommodation is spacious and clean with campers sharing rooms with 3 -5 other persons. Each spacious Villa has 2 bathrooms and a kitchen.

Campers will receive Breakfast lunch and dinner every day at Ripples Cafe which is conveniently located at camp. Plenty of yummy food for hungry campers. There is also a convenience store at entry to camp were campers can access any further requirements.

The camp also has plenty of activities including bike hire, water park, gym, sauna, lap pool, tennis, wi-fi, games room and a marine environment museum.

So much to do at Aloha Surf Camp.



Each surf session will be captured and Aloha campers will watch there surfing each day in our Aloha Video Room. Coaches will provide feedback and advice on all aspects of surfing.


Aloha Campers will receive a detailed report on all aspects of surfing. Click here to download Sample Report


Sasha Stocker became the Surfing Australia National Coach (2004 – 2008) were he headed up Surfing Australia High Performance centre (HPC) creating program structures that are still in place today. He coached an unparalleled 8 consecutive national Junior/Open teams to Gold medal placings and represented Australia on 6 occasions as a competitive surfer.

Sasha Stocker's coaching skills are recognised at the highest international level. Wether it be beginner, intermediate or advanced Sasha and our team teach surf skills technique and competition coaching in a fun, safe environment.

Each surf session Aloha campers will receive on beach/in water coaching and skill development.



Aloha surf camps has a purpose built skate park. Skateboarding coach Ben Gardener provide tuition, equipment and safety gear during each 1 hour session. Practice floaters, re entries, dinners and airs


We also utilise Street Boardz for Surf Specific skate sessions. Learn and practice surf manoeuvres using state of the art skate/surf training techniques.

BEN GARDNER (Skate Coach)

I started Sea Breeze Skating in July through a friend of mine who is in the skate business and told me about how skate board coaching is in high demand at the moment. Since I already had a skate ramp in my garage, I thought that my ramp was a perfect place for children to learn how to skate, feel safe and learn about how to skate safely. After gaining my coaching qualifications my business began. I have been operating for five months now and my business is thriving and the children of Pottsville are enjoying a fun place to learn how to skate.

Skating History - I have been skating since I was thirteen and now I am 33. I was self taught and have gained my experience through trial and error and skating with friends. My love for skating has come from the freedom you have and the challenge of landing that perfect trick. Skate pros, magazines and videos have also helped with my knowledge and experience in the sport. I have also gained my experience of building skate ramps through research and building them for the last ten years.


  • Basic Coaching Certificate
  • Skate Coach Certificate
  • Children’s Check
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Cert 111 in Children’s Services

Insurance: Is with JT Sport Brokers




Have you ever wanted to try out brand new boards to see what actually works for your surfing. Here at Aloha camps we give you the opportunity to access over 20 Mayhem/Lost test boards. Get your surf on, on one of these amazing boards.



Through our partnerships we are offering 7 day campers the rare chance to check out the Mayhem Surfboard factory. Watch the machine cut the blanks and all other aspects of surfboard production. Highly educational and great value in understanding the equipment you ride today and in the future.


We are also offering you the chance to take part in shaping a surfboard and learning the tricks of the trade from some of the best shapers in the region, if not the world.
Choose your model, size and shape. Participate in the actual shaping. See the final product. Win the board at camp comp.



Learn basic surf training techniques including ‘Pre Surf Warm up”, “Stretching/Warm Down”, Breath training (wipeouts and bigger surf) and basic strength training.

Aloha Surf camp has access to a gymnasium and pool, the Rock Fitness Centre. As well as Pro Surf Training App by Joel Parkinson




Hit Dreamworlds crazy rides for half a day to get away and have fun in a different way. Only 45 minutes from our camp, a quick drive up the highway will have you and your new camp buddies riding some of Australia's best roller coasters and waterslides



Jet Boating

Time for some different fun on water. The Xtreme Jet Boat ride will have you thrilled and smiling all day. Speed, power and radical with flow. Just like great surfing. You will be laughing your head off!!!



We run an in camp surfing contest, to give you the fundamental understanding how a contest is put together from both sides of the fence, Surfing & Judging.

Learn how to Judge and critique your own and others skills along with learning how to mentally prepare for your heat and rip it up. (7 night package only)


SUP Training

Learn in the lagoon, Tour the Creek and then hit the waves. Qualified SUP coaches will teach you correct technique in a safe, educational environment.


Aloha Surf camp has its own water park. Open all day its available for cooling down after a surf or just having fun! Find out more here.

Games Room -

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The camp also has plenty of activities including bike hire, water park, gym, sauna, lap pool, tennis, wi-fi, games room and a marine environment museum.


Our Accommodation is very clean safe and comfortable for all campers of all age and gender. Clean Private bathrooms, airconditioning, TV and chill out zone to make sure that after a long day there is comfort to relax.

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Ripples Cafe and Buffet Breakfast – More

Breakfast lunch and dinner provided. Variety of nutritional foods every day at Ripples. Right on the camps doorstep. Kids will be kids and a convenience store is located right next to the camp.



The climate on the Tweed Coast during January is usually around a consistent 27 degrees on average and 22 degrees over night. Our water temperature is around 22 degrees.

Surf equipment – Surfboard, wetsuit, leg rope, fins, sunscreen, etc
Clothing - Pack for for 8 days, Toiletries and any medication (to be alerted to camp staff)
A good surf base – You will need a good surfing base. An ability to do basic manoeuvres, duck dive and a knowledge of basic surf skills.
Transport – You will need to acquire transport to Aloha Surf camps. We can pick up campers from Coolangatta airport or bus station.
Lots of energy and an Aloha camper attitude!!!


Just a stroll to surf beaches and tidal estuary and within an hour’s drive to World Heritage listed rainforests, BIG4 North Star’s location is perfect for fishing, swimming and family fun.



80 mins drive south of Brisbane
50 mins south of Surfers Paradise
30 mins south of Coolangatta, GC Airport
20 mins south of Tweed Heads
20 mins east of Murwillumbah
35 mins north of Byron Bay
10 hours drive north of Sydney
7 Night Surf Camp

All 8 Day Surf Camps include:

Accommodation, Food, Transport
Expert coaching from experienced Aloha coaches
Surfing sessions with video analysis
Detailed surf skill report including technique, equipment and surf skills
Skate Tuition/Coaching and Streetboardz surf sessions sessions
Access to a test quiver of 20 Mayhem surfboards and FCS and future test drive centre
Basic Surf fitness and surf preparation sessions
Tour Mayhem Surfboard factory
Shape a Surfboard
Dream World or Jet boat
Camp Comp
SUP session
Access to Aloha Surf camp activities
Access to Aloha Surf camp facilities
Lots of Fun

From $1300.